How Carrie Underwood got into shape

Underwood who is now 34-year-old has been concentrating on her fitness and health regime after giving birth to her first child. The star has said that although her trainer has helped her reach her goals, she has a number of strategies that have helped her sculpt her fit bod.

Consistency – The star has been working out at least five days a week with her personal trainer Erin Oprea. Underwood said that she didn’t get her body overnight, she said that she had to work hard every day. The singer said that even when she was pregnant, she made a choice to choose to eat healthily and stay active.

Flexibility – She knew that she would not be able to visit the gym soon after giving birth. Therefore, she had to be flexible and concentrate more on her diet. Once she was given the go ahead to go to the gym, she made sure her sessions fitted into her crazy new-mama schedule and her work.

Partner Work – Underwood said that the reason she was able to work out was because she was motivated by her hubby Mike Fisher. The singer said that they workout together and helped each other through workout sessions.

Hard work –The singer’s workouts include a lot of lunges, squats, plyometrics, stairs, pull-ups plus weight training. The varied workouts provided the singer’s body with multiple moves that provided all over toning. It is also so varied; the singer felt that she was never