Comparison: Spring mattress vs. Memory foam

It took decades of research and development, and one of the few new developments in the mattress world came from NASA: Memory foam. Until then the innovation in sleep and mattresses came from air bed, mattress toppers, pillow toppers, and fabrics. However, memory foam might not be the right choice for some, as both options have pros and cons. Here is a comparison from The Foam Factory between the trusty spring mattress and memory foam:

Spring mattress

The spring mattress is a one size fits all mattress that uses coil springs wrapped in fabric to provide support. Newer spring mattress also comes with pillow toppers for added comfort and a sense of luxury. One of the good things about a spring mattress is the cost. With the exception of the high-end versions with pillow toppers, most spring mattresses are affordable. One negative is that the springs can make aches and pains worse. Another is that the coils wear out eventually and the lifespan is far shorter than a foam mattress.

Memory foam

One of the biggest drawbacks with traditional memory foam was heat retention. The foam uses the heat from the body to shape and contour the foam to the occupant. However, this meant that the bed was warmer than usual. However, with the new Gel mattresses, this is no longer an issue. A memory foam mattress will provide the ultimate levels of comfort and support. Also, the mattress will have a longer lifespan than the spring mattress, with some lasting as long as 20 years.