Top 5 Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Article by Memorable Gifts.

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about buying gifts. If you wait till the last minute, many items may be sold out. Plus the lines will get longer at the store. It’s best to just go ahead and make your list and start shopping now.

But what about Secret Santa gifts? We all have at least one of those to get at Christmas. These gifts can be difficult to purchase because you don’t know the person or even if it’s a man or woman. It’s hard to buy a gift for someone you don’t even know, so we’ve put together 5 great ideas to help you get started in the right direction.

Burt’s Bees Essential Kit: We all need products like facial scrub, lip balm, soap that’s good for you. Burt’s Bees is a solid brand that delivers on quality and this kit is under $20.

Silver Charm Bracelet: These bracelets can be worn by a man or woman. They can be personalized, but since you don’t know the person’s name, you can simply put something like “Great Friend” on it.

Beanie Hat: These Beanie Hats are very trendy right now and you can find styles that would work for either a man or a woman. They keep your ears warm during winter outdoor activities and they’re very stylish. The best part? They’re under $20.

Whistle Key Chain: This gift serves several purposes. It’s a functional key chain, plus it has a whistle attached. If you feel threatened, blow the whistle to scare off any threats. It can be engraved so you could add something cute like “LOL” or just leave it blank.

Stainless Steel Flask: This Premium Spirits Flask is a great gift for a man or a woman. These are awesome to take to a big game especially on cold days when a bit of whiskey would really warm you up. They can be personalized, which could be done after the gift has been given.


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