Avoid These 4 Common Celebrity Beauty Blunders

Nicki MinajEven with their armies of beauty and style specialists, our favorite actors, singers and reality stars can commit beauty boo-boos. It’s probably a bigger deal for them than it is for us, but still—the more you know, the better you’ll look. The following 4 celeb beauty mistakes are among the ones that crop up the most.

Patchwork Face

In their attempts to highlight their clients’ key features—often by the demand of the celebrity herself—they can forget to blend. The result are these patches of bright color in different areas. Patchwork Face is not a cool look, so make sure that when you highlight your hottest features, you also grab a clean brush to blend, blend, blend—and blend more, so you have nice, consistent color on your face. Among the famous victims of bad blending are Kathryn Heigl, Cristina Aguilera and Nikki Minaj.


Maybe less isn’t always more, but too much is…too much. While you want to look exquisite, overdoing it can lead to Weirdface when you smile and your foundation cracks. And on top of that, who wants to spend 3 hours taking all that off at the end of the night? To work around this, go with thin layers and keep a few areas practically bare, like the cheeks. Among the celebs that allow makeup to take them into Weirdface territory are Lady Gaga, Taylor Momsen and Cara Delevingne.


Lips are of course a key area to highlight, but things can go awry if you don’t match up your lip liner. This product is supposed to help define your lips and possibly correct a flaw so your lips look their best. But if you don’t select the right shade, you can get LoopyLip. Pick one that either complements your lip color or that’s close to your lipstick color so you get a smooth, uniform look. Jennifer Lopez and Naomi Campbell are among the celebs who never quite get lip liner right—and it shows, despite how gorgeous they are.

Neck Neglect

This starts with how we use sunscreen. Lots of us slather it on our faces, which is fine, but skip over our necks, resulting in a different shade for that neck skin and what we call “Neck Neglect.” You also can get Neck Neglect by over-applying bronzer or foundation on your face and never touching your neck. Among the famous folks with a Neck Neglect look would be Emily Blunt, Jennifer Anniston and Demi Lovato.

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