Sarah Jessica Parker is upset with Kim Cattrall’s comments

Sarah Jessica Parker has been open about her feud with Kim Cattrall and discussed the issue in People’s Magazine.

Cattrall said to the press that she did not want to return to film the third Sex and the City movie due to the toxic relationships that exist between Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon, and Parker. Cattrall had also said that Parker was a “demanding” diva.

However, Parker says that she sees it differently. She added that although she was disappointed that the third movie was not happening she never spoke to the press. Parker went on to say that she also didn’t respond to the hurtful comments that Cattrall had said to Piers Morgan about her. The only thing she will say is that the experience working on the series and the movies was terrific and she was glad that the series had such a secure connection with an audience.

Parker says that the perceived fight between her and Cattrall is fabricated and that she has no plans to respond to Cattrall publicly.

The last time Parker spoke to Cattrall was after Cattrall’s brother passed away. However, less than 24- hours of the interview going public on People magazine, Cattrall accused Parker on Instagram for exploiting her tragedy to restore her good girl image. Parker has yet to respond to these accusations.

Cattrall went on to remind Parker that she is not her friend and that the only connection they have is that they once worked together.