Office chair cushions: Why everyone should have them

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

With so many people working long office jobs that require them to sit at a computer for hours, having a comfortable chair cushion shouldn’t be optional. According to the Mayo Clinic, sitting for several hours has several adverse health effects, including obesity, high blood pressure and sugar, and increased risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. If you’re always sitting, you are also at greater risk of back and tailbone pain.

In addition to taking regular breaks from sitting, having a good foam chair cushion can help mitigate these adverse health effects. Many of sitting’s negative health effects are the result of harmful pressure being applied to your muscles and bones, such as your pelvis and coccyx. This pressure also hinders circulation and digestion. If you need to sit, you’re going to need a way to get rid of that compression on your body.

A good foam cushion that conforms to your body’s contours is flexible enough to provide you with comfort and relief from pain while also providing enough support to take some of that pressure off your body. Since you won’t be sitting on a firm, rigid surface, you won’t feel your tailbone hurting or your back slouching to adjust to the chair’s shape. If your office doesn’t provide you with an ergonomic seat cushion, it falls to you to do what’s best for your personal health.

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