Maintaining Optimal Parameters for an Airplane GPU

Summary: An effective GPU relies on efficient settings.

Is your airplane starting unit or ground power unit operating at a lower capacity and struggling to provide the boost that you need for your airplane? Here are some tips that will help you maximize the power output for your GPU.

Inspect the Generator

If the output of your ground power unit is not set to the exact specifications, the aircraft will refuse to accept power. Now, the most common type of GPUs used in today’s commercial aircrafts put out 120V AC at 60Hz. The parameters on these units are adjustable. By raising or lowering the engine RPM, the frequency can be changed to the proper levels. Furthermore, because the settings should be set to 400 Hz, the aircraft will not accept power outside of these parameters.

Voltage Parameters

The voltage can be easily adjusted as well. Try and aim anywhere from 110V AC to 120V AC for your target. Remember, if the voltage is too low or high, the built-in safety relay in the aircraft will cause the GPU contactor to open, which in turn interrupts power output. You’ll find that some aircraft will operate more efficiently when they’re set to the correct voltage setting. On the other hand, newer aircraft require more attention than older models. It might take some experimentation to ensure that your aircraft will function at maximum efficiency.

If you’ve purchased a ground power unit from an established manufacturer like Start Pac for example, be sure that you read the manufacturer’s manual prior to working with your GPU. Models tend to vary based on the type of unit that you receive. The last thing you’ll want to do is to adjust the parameters that are beyond the manufacturer’s recommendations, and in turn, damaging the GPU or even the plane itself.