Do Foam Panels Really Work For Soundproofing?

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

Foam is a versatile material with a variety of uses including bedding, cushioning, insulation, and packaging. Recently, people have been turning to foam as a way to soundproof recording studios, homes, churches, and meeting halls. However, you might be wondering how well sound proofing foam panels can reduce noise from within and outside a room.

The answer is that depends on what you expect the foam to do for you. Soundproof foam panels are made to absorb sound, rather than blocking it. The reason why echoes and unwanted noise fill noisy rooms is that vibrations traveling through air particles reflect off hard, flat surfaces, bouncing off a room’s walls and into your ears. Soundproof foam or acoustic foam is designed to be harder for sound waves to reflect off. It also dissipates energy from sound waves into heat.

This eliminates unwanted noise and reduces the volume of sound inside a room, but it does not prevent you from hearing sound coming from outside the room and vice versa. If you need a solution for noisy neighbors next door, acoustic foam panels are not the right tools for that purpose. However, if you are a musician looking for the best sound quality you can get from a home studio, the acoustic foam will work wonders for your recordings. It eliminates small noises and unwanted sounds, but it still allows a healthy amount of vibrations to exist within a room. As a result, your microphone will only pick up the sound of your voice or your instruments.

If you want to block sound from coming in and out of a room, foam sound barriers are better suited to that purpose. You might also want to invest in making your walls thicker and better at blocking sound. But if you only need noise control, multiple types of acoustic foam can suit your needs, such as acoustic wedge panels, acoustic drop ceiling tiles, and bass blockers for a room’s corners.

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