Responsibilities and duties of a construction consultant

Two senior architect developers review plans at a construction site

Written by Lyle Charles

Construction consultants work with standard builders at an expert level. A construction consultant is hired so that they can make sure that the construction project moves on as planned.

Here are some of the main responsibilities of construction consultants:

Analyze the material to ensure that they are suitable and safe for the purpose they will be used for.

Ensure that the project is completed to the quality standards specified.

Catalog all items purchased for the project.

Keep records of the items being utilized during construction

Drafting contract proposals to the project head

The construction consultant should also note construction accidents and this information should be passed on to the client. Since there are numerous factors, like work methods, site conditions, worker failure, equipment etc. that affect accidents on a site, the construction consultant should gather as much information as they can to provide a concise recommendation to their client.

Since there are many factors that can cause legal disputes in a construction project, it is paramount that the construction consultant follows a construction claims management system. Therefore, vital information on the project is documented. Which means that when legal disputes between employees, homeowners and other parties occur, they can be easily and quickly resolved. Other factors that can cause claims are defective materials, improper soil analysis, negligent structural engineering and work conditions or project deadlines.


These experts, such as Lyle Charles provide a professional opinion and construction claim preparation. If you are either a contractor or the employer, seeking out the opinions of experts with a construction background will usually guarantee a step in the right direction.