Blake Lively speaks about hiding from her personal trainer and how she stays fit

frgnews novBlake Lively is known for a toned body and elegant features. Although you may think that Lively is all about fitness, she lets her fans know that she too has her off days.

The star recently Instagrammed a funny picture of her hiding from her hiding from her personal trainer, Don Saladino, at his Drive 495 club. She captioned”#FitnessFriday current mood,” “@donsaladino gives me a reason to hide!”

Although the star has off days, she does put in the work and credits her personal trainer for getting her back in awesome shape, after giving birth to her first daughter, James, in 2015.

Lively said that after giving birth, her body was completely different and said that her muscles looked and felt very different from before. She also said that she would not have hit the gym so fast if it wasn’t for an upcoming film “The Shallows”. The film she said, gave her the motivation to get into shape.

She was happy for the workouts before filming, as it helped her keep up with the 6 weeks of filming, which saw her working 13-hour days. She also said that maintaining a fit body has a lot to do with what you eat. Lively tends to eat a lot of lean protein with vegetables and salads. Although she has a sweet tooth, she often reaches for fruit instead of sweet candies and chocolate.