Why should I hire a structural steel expert?

Lawsuits about construction defects are frequently brought against general contractors, building owners, subcontractors, and buyers. Often lawsuits that deal with structural steel disputes can involve large payouts and costly lawyer fees. Therefore, hiring a technical expert can be a wise choice, and this is why.

Structural steel failure occurs frequently – Professional structural steel experts will be able to identify problems that may arise and how they can rectify them as the project progresses. Most often problems arise when the steel is poorly fabricated or when the failed welds cause structural failure. Experts will be able to inform the project’s management what steel vendors to use to ensure the right quality of steel is used for the purpose. If damages do occur, experts can also estimate the costs and provide practical options that will reduce damage and time.

Expert witnesses – Structural steel experts can also help with lawsuits and can serve as expert witnesses for the case. A good structural steel expert witness will be able to inform the jury how and why certain damages occurred and who should pay for them. However, avoiding disputes in this regard should be a priority, and a structural steel expert that closely works with the project team will be able to provide the best options for your project.

Written by Lyle Charles Consulting, who offers experienced, qualified mediators that can handle a wide range of construction disputes. If you need a structural steel expert, look no further.