The Fast and the Furious to bow out at ten movies

Article written by Blue Lava Tech

The movie franchise business is big. They no longer just think about the next movie, they think two and even three moves ahead. Even stories are now thought of in terms of trilogies. This method was perfected when Disney took the unusual step of buying Marvel. After the success of the first Iron Man, they went ahead with the plan for a cinematic universe with a multi-year plan ending with the two Avengers Infinity war movies.

They took the same formula when they bought the Star Wars franchise. Lining up three main movies alongside three anthology style movies to complement the entire universe. The 2016 flick Star Wars: Rogue One is set in the period between Episodes three and four. Warner and DC have now got in the game with the DC extended universe. Although the performance of its first two movies has been lackluster they are going ahead with the full slate of movies.

Universal is also approaching the Fast & Furious franchise in the same way. Vin Diesel had promised them one more trilogy after the Fast 7. Furious 8, currently set for release on April 14, 2017, we will see the ninth installment April 19, 2019, and the tenth will follow on April 2, 2021. The announcement of the release dates is apparently part of a major marketing plan that Universal will likely be running from now until the tenth film hits. Along with the dates was included the tagline, “2 Decades, 10 Films, 1 Saga.”