Hilary Duff gets candid about her divorce

frgnewsHilary duff spoke candidly on “The Love Bomb” podcast about her relationship with Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden. She said that her 3-year relationship with the singer was intense and all encompassing.

However, she said that dating was difficult with all the publicity the pair received. But she went on to say that she has never known anything else since  all her relationships have been very public.

She said that she was lucky to be able to take a break when she was 19 from music and acting. Doing this gave her the chance to do normal things and prioritize herself for a change.

The star then met Mike Comrie in 2010 and married at 22 and became a mom. She doesn’t categorize herself as “traditional”, she does find her getting married and having a baby a sweet part of life.

However, she divorced Comrie early this year, but they remain close friends. Although most people are ashamed of divorce, she went on to say that she was looking at the best interest of their child. Though they entered their relationship based on love, they felt that their marriage was not working for both of them and handled the divorce very consciously.

The star does not see her divorce as a personal failure but instead looks at all her relationships in a positive manner.

Duff is now dating Jason Walsh but isn’t sure she’ll ever remarry.