3 Amazing Festivals That You Should See to Believe

Without a doubt, festival can offer travelers a unique experience. But more importantly, they can get to know a new country they are visiting far more intimately than otherwise.

This is why travel experts recommend that people planning to visit a country should first check if there are any festivals happening at the time.

Also, here are 3 amazing festivals that you should see to believe:

1: Yi Peng Lantern Festival, Thailand

This festival is celebrated all over Thailand where Loi Krathongs (lotus-shaped receptacles) are released into the water to bring good luck as well as fullfil wishes. Interesting, in Chiang Mai, this religious ceremony to pay homage to Buddha is conducted differently. They release lighted lanterns into the sky while making a wish. The exact date of this festival is not known but only announced only a few weeks earlier.

2: Agitagueda Art Festival, Portugal

Consisting of crafts, shows, cultural events and concerts, this festival is held in the month of July. What stands out during this festival is also the Umbrella Sky Project where the city of Agueda is filled with colorful umbrellas to mark the occasion. This practice has become so popular that a number of European cities have been replicating the event in their own way.

3: Golden Retriever Festival, Scotland

Held at the ancestral home of this dog breed, this event, known as the Guisachan Gathering, is run by the Golden Retriever Club of Scotland. The first time this event was held was in 2006 to mark the 50th anniversary of the organization. The first such festival had about 188 retrievers from around the world. Since then, the number have been on the rise. Also, there’s a dog show apart from other events where their families celebrate all things Golden Retriever.