Why Plastic is a Collector’s Best Friend

PlasticEvery collector takes extreme pride in their collection. As such, they love to take every opportunity to show if off. But it’s also important to collectors that their pieces remain safe. Taking them out to show people can often run the risk of harming their collectables.

By far the best material for displaying your collection is plastic. Injection molded plastic parts can be used to make a case that can house just about anything you collect—from basketball cards to basketballs to basketballs shoes and of course anything non-basketball related as well.

Because it’s plastic, you have an easy time of seeing what’s inside, your actual collectible, without having to take it out. For small enough items, you can even see it from all angles without exposing it to the risk of being damaged.

Plastic part design has come a long way, meaning you can get just about any kind of shape custom made too to fit the item you’re collecting. Cases are even made that fit on top of each other perfectly. So, for example, if you collect baseballs, you can stack one on top of the other to save space while still showing off what you love.

If you’re a collector, display your hard work with pride by using plastic. Not only can everyone look on at your beautiful pieces, but you won’t have to worry about anything happening to them.