What services do construction claims consultants offer

Written by Lyle Charles

Construction claims consultants are becoming increasingly popular among construction firms as many projects’ try to reduce or eliminate construction claims. Even a carefully planned, well-managed project can sometimes encounter claims. Most construction claims management services offer professionals who are familiar with the following areas.

Changes in scope





Acceleration of work

Lack of performance

Errors and omissions in design

False Claims (for Time or Money)

Time Delays (Extra Time)

Different site conditions

Non-conforming work

Product or property damage

Construction claim management firms will then evaluate each dispute to create an action plan tailored to your business’s objectives and strategies. An action plan should try to facilitate an early resolution that is cost effective. Some consulting firms will become part of the construction firm’s team to provide direct legal counsel. An in-house expert will be able to handle issues as and when they happen, providing the firm with an early response.

Most construction claims consulting services will provide the following;

Construction claim preparation, analysis, and response

Analysis of issues

Delay analysis

Settlement – Mediation, arbitration, and litigation support.

Document control

Preparation of evidence

Expert witness testimony

These are some of the services that consulting firms specializing in construction will offer. It is best to get in touch with some reputed firms to clearly understand what services they have on offer.


Lyle Charles is a construction claims expert for commercial and residential construction.