Ultimate female packing list for a music festival

Camping music festivals are a blast, but you need to make sure you pack your essentials. Most music festivals last for about 4 days and packing right will make your trip more comfortable. Here are all you will need in terms of clothing, toiletries and more.

Clothing- 3x dresses, 2x shorts, 3x tops, 2x Bras, 4x Pairs of underwear, 1x hat that covers your ears, 1x rain jacket or poncho,  2x hoody, 1x bandana.

Shoes – pair of flat covered shoes, pair of slippers, pair of rain boots.

Toiletries – deodorant, a pack of tampons, sunscreen, bug spray, medication (like painkillers and allergy meds), dry shampoo, wet wipes, Hand sanitizer, Towel, 5 x band aids, 5 x hair ties.

Camping gear – Tent, Tarp, Flag (to identify your tent), Cooler (with water bottles, ice, reusable ice packs), Flashlight, Knife, Sleeping bag, Chairs.

Other – Your ticket, Frisbee, deck of cards, ear plugs, eye mask, snacks (cereal or muesli bars, packaged milk, fruit, peanut butter, jam and bread), extra phone battery, Alcohol (in plastic bottles), cash, portable battery charger.

Make sure you assemble your tent at home, because some tents can be complicated and harder to set up. If you are not as confident setting up your tent, start setting up your tent when there is more light. If you forget anything and need help, festival goers are always ready to lend a hand. Know why you’re at the event and that’s to have fun, so let loose and remember to meet people.