The Burning Man

The Burning Man is a yearly event that takes place in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada during the whole week before and on the Labor Day. This event was initially started in San Francisco in 1986 and later the venue was switched to Nevada. The name of this event originates from the ritual of burning a massive wooden statue every year. Since 2000, a temple is also constructed and burned. Every year, over fifty thousand people travel to Nevada to take part in the event. The major activity of The Burning Man involves the construction of a temporary city called Black Rock City. Participants are expected to contribute the maximum of their efforts to the Burning Man community.

Participants of the Burning Man produce big art pieces expanding all over Black Rock City. This event promotes the spirit of community, self-expression and self-reliance. The atmosphere of this event involves a lot of music played by musicians and, quite controversially, it also involves nudity and drugs. Participants leave the site of the Burning Man after one week, making sure to remove all traces of their passage until the next year.

To really understand the culture and ethos behind the Burning Man, one must participate to the event as the activities are so diverse. Apart from the event, the Burning Man’s organization committee is also involved in a non-profit project, the Burning Man project. This project has gained the interest of several Regional Groups that share the beliefs of the Burning Man community.