Oktoberfest is the biggest celebration of bear held yearly in Munich, Germany. The number of attendees to this festival is estimated at over 6 million, with a reported consumption of 6 million liters of beer. Despite all the alcohol consumption, the Oktoberfest also offers a good family atmosphere. Amenities such as a big fairground is set up for the entertainment of both kids and adults.

This fun fair lasts for around 16 days starting in late September and extending to the first weekend in October. The Oktoberfest is locally called Wiesn due to the colloquial name of the grounds, “Theresienwiese”. This festivals forms an important part of the Bavarian culture, having been celebrated since 1810. The present schedule was set up in 1994, in response to the German reunification, in order to extend the festival to October 3rd, which is the German Unity Day, in the case where the first Sunday in October falls on 1st or 2nd. The festival, thus, now lasts for 17 days and 18 days if the first Sunday in October is on the 2nd or the 1st respectively. In 2010, the festival exceptionally lasted until the first Monday of October, to commemorate the two hundred years anniversary of Oktoberfest.

Apart from the large quantity of beer consumed at the Oktoberfest, visitors have the opportunity of making the most of a number of other various attractions, games and amusement rides. Visitors can also try a great deal of local specialties such as the Brezen, Knödel, Schweinshaxe or Würstl.